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Funny baby Facebook page relaunch

As today is our 13 month anniversary then we’re taking a look back at some of the most popular posts and search terms for The Gatekeepers.

Our Number 1 post of all time is….

MG Baby Club ‘Funny Baby Pictures’

Our top serach term is…..

funny baby

Our most clicked link is…..

Funny Baby Pictures on Facebook

So why are we getting so much traffic for such a small post? It turns out that one of our images is one the first page of Google images for the term Funny Baby.

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Twins Pollyanna and Elliott at 6 months

Polly_and_Elliott_MitchellTwins Pollyanna and Elliot Mitchell, who we first shot back in March, turned 6 months old yesterday.

Here’s a little preview from the photo-shoot we did just over a week ago.

We have just launched our end of summer portrait specials which include a shoot fee of only £50 with a DVD slideshow of all of your images.

Other new products also include our new mini books which hold 30 images for only £120!

Of course as with all of our projects we offer a no obligation to buy and no minimum orders.

As we move into the Autumn there will be some major changes to our website and some exciting changes to our portrait packages.

Visit the Memory Gate website and become a member to receive updates via our brand new fortnightly newsletter. All members receive our best discounts and are kept up to date with all of our new products and special offers.

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MG Baby Club ‘Funny Baby Pictures’ on Facebook

img_1616058Memory Gate have lauched their funny baby photo group on Facebook.

To join in visit Funny Baby Pictures On Facebook

Post your funny baby and toddler pictures into the gallery.

Pictures can be cute, scary or just plain crazy.

This Group has now been relaunched for 2010. Click on the link in the sidebar to find out more or view our latest post Funny Baby Pictures Facebook Relaunch


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Top 11 tips for photographing your baby

I’ve been professionally photographing babies for a few years now in both people’s homes and in the studio. One of the most frequently asked questions that people have is ‘when is a good time to have my baby’s portrait taken?’ As everyone with children will know, your baby will change dramatically in the first year and it would be a shame to not capture all of it! Whilst I’m not suggesting that you take your baby to a professional studio every couple of weeks here are a few tips to help you take wonderful photographs at home with any camera.
1. The camera you have isn’t really important. Most compact digital cameras these days have lots of wonderful functions. Many of these include setting to allow you to take better pictures in low light without the pictures becoming blurry. The best thing to do is explore the automatic functions and experiment!
2. If you are using a compact digital camera remember that your shutter button has a two step function. This means that when you push the shutter half way down your camera is focusing, taking light meter reading etc. Once the shutter is fully depressed it takes the picture! To capture that perfect moment press and hold the shutter half way till you hear the little beep and wait for that smile and press the button the rest of the way!

3. Light is the most important thing. The more light you have the sharper and clearer your pictures will be. Wait till mid morning or mid afternoon when the light is streaming through your window and us it!

4. To create an affective yet simple background cover your sofa in a large bed sheet or fleece. Alternatively if your bed has a headboard drape your duvet over it, put a couple of pillows under the duvet to create a little seat and your there!

5. After the first weeks/months you will know your baby’s routine and when he/she is at their most animated, use that knowledge to your advantage!

6. Babies love to strip! You’ll be surprised how animated your baby becomes when he/she gets to pose in just their nappies! If you have one, use a cloth nappy or wrap your baby in a small sheet or pillow case.

7. Even the smallest of babies manage to lift their heads when being held over the shoulder. Get in nice and close, preferably standing near a window.

8. Get in close….but not too close! Most cameras can only focus when they are at least 5-6 inches away. Wait for that bleep to make sure your camera is focused. An easier way is to be at least 12 inches away and use your zoom to get that little bit closer.

9. Use your hands to get and sense of how small they are. Hold their hands, feet or simply rest your hand on their tummy.

10. It’s all about those big blue eyes. 99% of the best baby pictures are those ones with big bright eyes, get in close, and if you are using flash you’ll get nice highlights. Don’t worry flashes won’t damage your baby’s eyes.

11. Sign up to the Memory Gate Baby Club and we’ll do it all for you! We don’t just do one off shoots but cover the whole 1st year!


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The Mitchell Twins

The Mitchell TwinsA little preview of our shoot last Friday with month old twins.

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Raffle Winners at NCT Kingston Pregnancy & Baby Fair

Congratulations to Vanessa and Zoe who won our ‘3 month in the life of…..’ introductory Baby Club package. and to Kelli who won our ‘6 months in the life of…….’ package.

For more information about the NCT Kingston branch visit

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Baby Club Packages Spring 2009

Baby Club Packages
Gift Vouchers available at request

Bump to Birth
3 Months in the life of…..

Our introductory packages includes….
2 Photography sessions
2 DVD Slideshows
Mini book and Storybook design
1 Mini book or £50 product credit

6 Months in the life of…..
Our intermediate package includes…
Your baby’s own personal website
[sample site]
3 Photography sessions
3 DVD Slideshows
2 Mini books and Storybook design
2 Mini books or £100 product credit

The Whole Year!
Document the whole first year of your baby’s life.
Photography can begin at pregnancy or at newborn.
Previous packages can be upgraded to this package.
The Whole Year includes…
Your baby’s own personal website including preview montages after every shoot.
[sample site]
6 photography sessions
Optional 1st Birthday Party Shoot
Mini book and Storybook design including
The Whole Year Big Book design
6 DVD slideshows
£200 product credit

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