The new look PhotoCreative 365

It’s been six months since the launch of Photocreative so we thought it was time to shake things up a bit.

Since the start of the year we’ve introduced some regular features like The PhotoCreative podcast, the Business ideas for photographers podcast and of course our newest section The Sunday Showcase.

From here on in the site will begin to become a little more structured …… and hopefully more user Friendly!

We’ll still be posting about all of the things you’ve been asking for so please keep your questions and requests coming in!

From now on we’re dropping the “Day XXX” from the post headlines but that does mean that we won’t still be posting everyday!

We are also introducing ‘themed’ days of the week and we have a shortcut in the toolbar just above this post.

Here’s how things are going to look like……


The PhotoCreative Podcast – the weekly 10 minute show looking at the last 7 days at PhotoCreative 365.

Ideas and Opinion – Michael’s Personal posts, business and marketing ideas for photographers.


Photoshop – Actions, tutorials and digital workflow.


WordPress – A day every week dedicated to our favourite blogging platform.


PhotoCreative Recommends – Websites, software, equipment, tutorials news and events.


The Jaded Snapper / Guest Posts – A little light relief before the weekend from the Jaded Snapper. Plus your guest posts!


Social Media – What better way to start the weekend than being social? Twitter, Facebook and  social networking for the modern photographer.


The Sunday Showcase – Show us your work. Each showcase will be displayed in the top banner all week!

Here’s a little intro video showing you around the new site…. enjoy…..


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